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We offer you the advanced series of chairs and tables on a metal basis - traditional quality, ease of a design, various colour scale, various variants of an upholstery.

 a series "office".

Colours of skeletons any, an upholstery office fabric of grey or black colour or any colour.

Series of "classic", "vienna", "cockleshell", "bistro".

 At these series the skeleton can be any according to your desire. chairs of these series are traditionally carried out with an upholstery:

A gobelin imitation leather      

The basic variants
 of colours of skeletons

Of the school desk and tables for schools, grammar schools, audiences.

Working surfaces are executed from the varnished plywood of the premium. a table-top and a facade a thickness of 18 mm, sitting and a back of a chair of 15 mm.

Tables of "duolit"

Of "duolit" is a material of new generation. differs high decorative and characteristics of artificial marble, but in 2 times it is easier. 

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